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Spa Holiday in Alpbach – Relax your Senses

In our Nature Spa you are greeted by an oasis of calm and tranquility, with memorable design and our wonderful team of professionals. Based on the four elements; Earth-Water-Air-Fire we offer a wonderful range of beauty treatments, massage therapies and enhancing packages.




Based on the four elements, our Nature Spa is a haven for ladies and gentleman to enjoy a range of thoughtfully prepared treatments. In our Lady-Spa and Gentlemen-Spa our guests enjoy the art of pure wellness. Body treatments and specialist baths in the 0² Bath are prepared in the Body-Spa.

The Relax-Spa with its specialist ''floating' waterbed treatment divan offers enlightened treatments. Our Private-Spa is a retreat for couples who can rediscover their senses with treatments and private time for two.




11 Bath, Sauna, and Relaxation Attractions

  1. Swiss stone pine bio sauna
  2. “Alpbacher Schwitzalm” – Finnish outdoor old wood sauna
  3. “Natur” – herbal steam bath
  4. “Tirol” – saline steam bath
  5. Nature Spa – Reception and beauty treatments
  6. “Zirben-Therme” – infrared cabin finished in aromatic Swiss stone pine
  7. Spa-style showering experience with rain shower, water splash and colour light, as well as the crash ice to cool down
  8. Spacious indoor panorama pool, with connection to the outdoor pool
  9. All year-round heated outdoor swimming pool!
  10. “Raum der Sinne” – pure relaxation on comfortable waterbeds in the Room of Senses
  11. BM “Berggeflüster” – panorama relaxation room with swing recliners



Premium Products and Recommended Treatments for your Beauty and Well-Being.


The rich heritage of the Alpine folk medicines and the long tradition of local plant lore see every wish is catered for. All the Alpienne products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added perfumes. What you will be experiencing is nature pure.

Aroma Derm inspired by M. Stix

Aroma Derm is a natural skin therapy product designed to keep your skin healthy. Organically-certified raw ingredients cleanse, feed and bring moisture to your skin. Trust the science of aroma therapy and dermatology; we offer a wonderful combination of therapies to fight skin problems.

Coleur Caramel

Is an innovative, original, groomed and biological cosmetic line. Created with natural products and innovative technology.

Ella Baché

With a philosophy incorporating nature, bio-technology and nourishment, Ella Baché has created an efficient beauty programme.  Every skin type is catered for with undeniable results.  Their impressive product line is for both ladies and gentlemen and their effective rituals leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

Tyrolean Stone Oil

Created by nature over thousands of years when the Tyrol was covererd by sea water and filled with sea life. This oil has wonderful properties for both man and beast be it a gentle oil for the skin and hair or an old-fashioned medicament from the first-aid box at home used for muscle pain and rheuma; this oil can better your quality of life. This statement is supported by doctors, healers and a bevy of happy recipients. Tyrolean Stone Oil is prepared as a range of products: creams, salves, bath oils and massage oils, shampoo, shower gel, body milk, soap and a warming, health enhancing body-wrap.

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