Natur Spa Sauna Creation

Discover the power and benefits of warmth in our Spa Hotel.

A strong and spectacular choice of saunas and steam baths designed for your health and vitality.

The saunas in our Natur Spa are open from 10 am to 7 pm, the saunas in our new “Adults Only Area” are open from 3 to 8 pm.

Access from the age of 18 years.

No clothing or swimsuits to be worn in the saunas – use towel provided.

Before entering a sauna always shower – not just for reasons of hygiene but to remove the body’s natural oils.

When you leave the sauna, always shower.

Drink plenty of water or tea.

Relax for a minimum of 20 minutes in one of our relax rooms.

Panorama Sauna „Tiroler Schwitzstube“

Our new sauna with one way tinted glass affording unmatched panoramic views.
Temperature 70 -90°C, humidity 8-13%, 10-15 minutes recommended.

Austrian Stone Pine Infrared cabin

Designed in aromatic, beneficial, Austrian Stone Pine. Deep muscle relaxation. Beneficial before any massage therapy.
Temperature 30-40°c, towel must be placed between the spine and the infrared slats.

Steam Bath Morgentau

Muscle relaxant and steam filled. Opens the respiratory tract and skins pores.
Temperature 40°c, humidity 95%, 15- 20 minutes recommended.

Zirben-Bio-Sauna Waldlust

The harmony and relaxation of the forest.
Temperature 55°c, humidity 40-55% with automatic water infusion, 20-30 minutes recommended.
Encourages the immune system and skin cleansing.

Salt Steam Bath Tirol

Salt steam bath with positive benefits for the respiratory function.
Temperature 45°c, humidity 95% with 3-5% salt solution, 20 minutes recommended.

Kräuter Sauna (meadow flowers)

Breathe in the calming and healing scents of meadow flowers.
Temperatures of 60 – 75°c, humidity 17 – 22%, 15-20 minutes recommended.

Finnish Sauna

The “Alpbacher Schwitzalm“ – a Finnish outdoor traditional wood sauna – a special experience, with a magnificent view of the wonderful Alpbach valley. While breaking a healthy sweat, enjoy a fabulous view and breathe in the beneficial aroma of local pine.
Temperatures of 90°c with water infusion every half hour, 15-20 minutes recommended.
Encourages the circulation and regenerates the body’s defense system.

Infrared Stube

Innovative shell loungers incorporating a deep warmth system. A calming experience with noteable and immediate relief from stress problems.
Head phones with a fantastic sound experience. Approx. 20-30 mins.

The Aroma-Steam Bath

An aromatic herb-filled steam bath. A pleasant warmth and an herbal aroma that encourage healthy breathing. Temperature 40°c, humidity 95%, 15- 20 minutes recommended.

Living Shower

A living shower experience with rain shower, water splash and alternating light and crash ice to cool down.

Ihr Traumurlaub in Alpbach, Tirol

In the Nature & Spa Resort “Der Alpbacherhof”