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Fun sports and Wild Water Sports in Alpbachtal

Water and Water Sports can all play an active part in your holiday in the Alpbachtal.




Our local Parachute Centre is in Radfeld where you can enjoy a tandem parachute-fall.




Paragliding gives a whole new perspective alongside an adrenalin rush for those who seek adventure in the mountains. Use your Alpbachtal Seenland Card to secure a special rate.




Segway – a great trend-sport. These fun machines are a comfortable way to traverse the mountain in summer and are easy to learn. These offroad-rollers reach speeds of 20km/hour. This sport is perfect for children from the age of 10 years.



Inner-Tube Riding

Reconditioned inner-tubes from lorry tyres have created a wonderful and adventure-filled wild water riding sport. For further details please contact Sport Ossi.



Rafting on the River Inn

For all inexperienced water fans who want to discover ‚wild-water‘ sports, give this gentle beginning a try. A super day out for the family. For further details: Family rafting tours


Rafting on the Imst Gorge

A hot ride in the cool waters of the Imst Gorge on the Tyrols most beautiful rafting route



Kayak Course

The elegant way to challenge ‚wild water‘ – kayaking. Be you beginner or advanced, this is a fun way to ride the river.



Children’s Inner-Tube Wild Water Course

Safe, fun and ‚wild-water‘- Let your children live the dream!



‚Wild-Water‘ Swimming

For those who seek adventure - wild-water‘ swimming in the Kaiser Klamm (gorge). Swimming in safety with safety-support in the Kaiser Klamm, jump from the rocks and conquer the gorge.



All of the ‚wild-water‘ sports are lead by highly trained professionals. The equipment you need is all part of your fee with Sport Ossi.

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