Peelings – Relax Spa

Cocoon your body with a healing treatment and feel the benefits. Choose from regenerative, anti-aging or detox therapies. Natural resources including the yeast from beer biotine, extract of St. John’s Wort, rose geranium and olive oils are amongst the products you can choose from. Regenerate your cell structure, ease cellulite and see your skin glow.

Full Body Peelings

Almond Honey Balm, Sea Salt-Oil-Mix, Luffa-Peeling or Natural Salt Peeling.
Approx. 25 minutes € 39.-

Purifying Body Wrap

The elements of wheatmeal, olive oil, bee’s wax and birch leaves with juniper and orange oil regenerate, purge and reduce water retention from the body and reinforce the body tissues.
Approx. 50 minutes € 59.-

Regenerative and Anti-Ageing Body Wrap

Brewer’s yeast, St. John’s Wort, natural wool oils, rose geranium, clary sage and olive oil regenerate the cell structure, strengthen the skin’s composition, reduces cellulite and encourages the repair of stretch marks.
Approx. 50 minutes € 66.-


The Hay Bath is a warming application which will gently bring the body to perspire encouraging detoxification and purification – especially effective for neuropathic and joint problems. Feel your fatigue fade away!
Approx. 40 minutes € 43.-