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Our Natur & Spa Resort der Alpbacherhof is a stylish blend of contemporary and traditional design. Lovingly designed incorporating Austrian Stone Pine, famous for its scent and health properties and a selective choice of eco-friendly furnishings of the highest quality ensuring your total comfort. Our Nature Spa is unmatched in the region and enjoys undisturbed views across the mountain panorama. A place of positive energy and relaxation.

The Alpbacherhof, Yesterday and Today

This family run hotel enjoys a new and exciting direction since the owners took on the challenge in 2008. Each year, has seen new investment by the Family Margreiter – each step with the well-being of their guests a priority.

The new and innovative Natur Spa first opened it doors in 2010 – a vital celebration of health and happiness.

2014 and 2016 were the years of room renovations. Each as indiviual and embracing as the next.

In 2019 a huge reconstruction included remodelling and additional themes to the Natur Spa, new and inspired redesign of the restaurant and bar and the creation of an exceptional buffet room accomodating a vital part of our Superior Guest & Food Experience.

A World Stage – European Forum Alpbach

Since its inception in 1945, the Alpbach Forum has welcomed many prominent figures from politics, science, medicine and economics from across the globe, with a view of breaking down borders and bounderies, encouraging communication and tolerance and opening doors for understanding and joint ventures.

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