Nature Spa Packages

Relish in the luxury of one of our Natur Spa Packages. Designed with specific needs in mind and much loved by our guests.

Tirolean Stone Oil indulgence

Tirolean Stone Oil bath, Tirolean Stone Oil cellu-wrap, and body massage with Tirolean Stone Oil.
Approx. 2 hours € 127.-

Something special for Ladies

Aroma oil massag Manicure or pedicure with nail varnish Hydrating facial therapy.
Aapprox. 3 hours € 195.-

For Expectant Mother’s (from the first trimester)

Shoulder & neck massage or a lymphatic drainage of your choice, Alpienne Classic intensive cellu-wrap encourages the repair of stretch marks.
Approx. 2 hours € 147.-

For Youth (up to 15 years)

Filing, nail polish for feet or hands, gentle back massage, facial cleansing and face mask. Each treatment approx. 30 minutes € 35.-