Classic, Energetic and Regenerative Massages

The power of massage. Connect with your body and feel the regenerative powers of a classic massage. Relaxation, renewed circulation and positive thinking – all included.

Classic Massages

Classic Massage

Muscle tension will be relaxed. Muscle regeneration is encouraged, blood circulation enhanced and the metabolism actively supported.
Approx. 25 minutes € 39.-, approx. 50 minutes € 65.-

Tyrolean Stone Oil Massage

Tyrolean Stone Oil is a tried and tested traditional medicine for muscle and rheumatic pain. We would advise that this therapy benefits when taken in conjunction with a Tyrolean Stone Oil bath.
Approx. 25 minutes € 45.-, approx. 50 minutes € 69.-

Alpienne Massage

Choose from one our beneficial massage lotions:

  • Marmot oil: encourages circulation, regenerationof the skins cell structure, dispelling muscle cramps and strengthening the immune system.
  • St. John’s Wort Milk: for a calming effect; helps with exhaustion, sleeplessness and nerves
  • Arnika Milk: gives a cooling effect, increases ability and helps to strenghten muscle structure.
  • Propolis Milk: nourishes the skin, removes impurities and regenerates the skin’s structure.

Approx. 25 minutes € 51.-, approx. 50 minutes € 76.-

Alpienne Athlete’s Massage

A comfortable and reviving leg massage with a leg compress to finish. We would advise the use of this therapy after any athletic activity.
Approx. 25 minutes € 45.-, approx. 50 minutes € 69.-

Relaxing Aroma Oil Massage

Let yourself be enveloped in the rich scents of this oil. A somewhat gentler massage encourages a deep relaxation.
Approx. 25 minutes € 45.-, approx. 50 minutes € 69.-

Renewed Energy Through Massage

Your body will be realigned, physical and mental energy will be enhanced. This specialist massage releases negative blockades and reconnects your body, mind and soul.

Alpine Stone Massage

The warmed stones allow the therapist to massage deeper into problem areas. The warmth of the stones opens up energy centres that are usually difficult to reach. Coupled with a welcoming and deep relaxation this therapy is recommended for a total energy stimulus.
Approx. 50 minutes (only back) € 66.–, approx. 80 minutes € 106.-


Reiki symbolises universal energy for life; an ancient method of relaxation. The flow of Reiki-energy causes the mind, body and soul to harmonise and fall in tune with each other. Reiki denotes the bringing of renewed energy with the laying on of hands.
Approx. 50 minutes € 72.-

Thai Yoga Massage

Created by one of Buddah’s contemporaries, this massage – also known as Nuad Thai – has its roots in ancient India. A composition of acupressure, stretching (passive Yoga), working with energy and meditation.Thai massage strengthens movement and creates total relaxation. This traditional therapy is practised on a floor mat. We ask you to dress appropriately in comfortable gym clothing.
Approx. 80 minutes € 89.-

Thai Temple Massage

A once in a lifetime relaxation experience. You will be massaged with Yoon Chai Oil. The Thai Temple Massage with warm herb ‘seal’ realigns the mind, body and soul.
Approx. 50 minutes € 82.-, approx. 80 minutes € 111.-

Alpienne Salt Stone Massage

A relaxing natural salt peeling that purifies and cleanses your skin. To begin, enjoy a salt stone massage – an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. This treatment releases blocked energy, encourages a positive outlook, alleviates fatigue, encourages personal drive, removes angst, melancholy and agitation. Benefits include equilibrium, clarity, renewed energy and serenity.
Part-body, approx. 50 minutes € 106.-, full body, approx. 80 minutes € 149.-

Regenerative Massages

Vital Point Massage

This pressure therapy follows the meridian lines of the body. Allowing the natural energy to once again flow freely, muscles are deeply relaxed and the inner organs are encouraged to work better. This therapy is especially beneficial for those with back or joint problems.
Approx. 25 minutes € 49.-

Dorn Breuss Therapy

An effective treatment for back problems; a gentle manual, alternative holistic thera-py to stretch and relieve built-up pressure points. The back muscles will be relaxe.
Approx. 50 minutes € 66.

Foot Reflexology

This massage is a natural method based on the idea that particular points on the soles of the feet are in tune with not so easily reached parts of the body in particular the inner organs. This beneficial therapy is performed without the use of oils.
Approx. 25 minutes € 39.-


Regulates the circulation and the lympno-des and mobilises the nerve system and dermal tissue. Pain and muscle problems can be positively affected.
10 minutes, in conjunction with a massage € 15.-
20 minutes, without massage € 20

Cupping Massage

Cupping Glasses are first warmed and then oiled before being placed on trouble spots across the back muscles. This therapy acts like a deep muscle relaxant with the Cup-ping Glasses unblocking circulatory prob-lems and often benefiting the functionof the inner organs.
Approx. 25 minutes € 42.-

Body Imaging for Tummy, Legs and Bo

This application has an immediate effect. The specialised gel comprising specific in-gredients created from plant extracts and aromatic essences is both slimming and fir-ming. Relax in a pleasant atmosphere whilst the fast working cellu-wrap performs its magic.
1x body imaging € 45.-, 3x body imaging € 122.-, 5x body imaging € 192.-