Nature in all her glory is the main ingredient in the two organic products we have chosen for you in all our beauty and cosmetic treatments.

Spirulines – The Fountain of Youth

The 220 essential vitamins, nutrients and trace elements from Spirulina, combined with a choice of rejuvenating extracts, sees wrinkles optically erased and a youthful glow encouraged; including cleansing, peeling, vaporisation of the skin and deep tissue cleansing, eyebrow correction, relaxing facial massage, face mask and finishing care.
Approx. 80 minutes € 98.-

Blink of an Eye

This intensive therapy for beautiful radiant eyes encourages muscle relaxation using mild massage techniques. The eye mask effectively helps eliminate wrinkles, swollen eyes and eye rings. For the best possible results this application should be combined with one of our facials.
Approx. 25 minutes € 28.-

Pure Moisture

For dehydrated and dry skin. This treatment is suitable for anybody who lacks moisture. The skin is lifted, with the treatment providing an inexpressible smooth, tender and supple feeling for your skin. You look good and feel radiant; including cleansing, peeling, deep tissue cleansing, vaporisation for your skin, eyebrow correction, relaxing facial massage, face mask and finishing care.
Approx. 80 minutes € 98.-

Radiant, Beautiful Skin

Benefit from the vitamins contained in organic tomatoes to give your skin a new glow.This treatment leaves your skin protected against extreme stress.
Approx. 50 minutes € 68.-, approx. 50 minutes including herb compresses € 74.-

The Fountain of Youth – The Alpienne cure for mature skin

Relax and enjoy a luxury treatment not only for your face, but for your hands including peeling, pack and massage. A facial cleansing, peeling, steaming to activate the skin’s cells, eyebrow correction, facial massage, hand massage and finishing care.
Approx. 80 minutes € 122.-

Wake Up! with the Power of the Mountains

Personal and individual treatment designed to suit your skins needs. Dry, sensitive, oily, impure or mature skin: we can design the right treatment for you.Including cleansing, peeling, steaming, eyebrow correction, face tonic, choose between deep cleansing or facial massage, a specialised serum to suit, facepack, hand massage and finishing care.
Approx. 50 minutes € 94.-

Soin Masque Thalasso - Rich in Minerals

The Power of Algea – Regenerative & Relaxing
Specially for dry skin, this refreshing treatment is a godsend. Let your skin profit from this beauty therapy that will leave your skin with renewed health.
Approx. 70 minutes € 95.- with Modelant Yeaux € 115.-

Lifting Absolut Jeunesse – New Energy for your Skin

100 % manual face lifting, visual remodelling, elasticity and toning, reduced wrinkles and definned contures. Uplifting facial treatment.
Approx. 70 minutes € 98.-

Soin Cocon – Calming and relaxing facial treatment

Your face will be cocooned in a healing and gentle foam face mask encouraging a deep relaxation. For every skin type, smooth and firm, relaxed and invigorated, a treatment that leaves you feeling reanimated.
Approx. 75 minutes € 115.-

Soin Mille Lumiere – Pure Luxury

Precious, luxurious textures and active ingredients establish this ultimate ant-aging therapy. Enjoy an unmatched, radiant, toned anti-aging effect that the two face masks used in this treatment create. Every woman has earnt the right to a bit of luxury and a renewed beauty.
Approx. 90 minutes € 135.-