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Our Weekly Fitness Programme at the Hotel Alpbacherhof


Monday 17.09.2018

09.15 hrs                   Meet Tom, our mountain guide -

                                    Learn about the week’s hikes and those that would be of interest

                                    to you

10.30 hrs                    Guided hike with Tom to the Böglalm

                                     and the farm house museum

13.00-17.00 hrs         A guided tour at the Farm Museum Inneralpbach (TVB)

                                    learn about the farming history of Alpbach                             

13.00 hrs                    Glass blowing in Rattenberg by Kristallglas

                                    Kisslinger (Cost € 10,- with your guest card)

18.30 hrs                   Meet Mrs. Margreiter to talk about "Waldbaden"


The Böglalm is one of the most traditional huts in the Alpbachvalley with a beautiful sun terrace and a wonderful view. Walk with Tom to Inneralpbach and back again. At the Böglalm you could enjoy a variety of a small dishes for lunch. Afterwards we visit the farm house museum and take the bus back to Alpbach
(Experience the versatility of Alpbach)

Walking time: approx. 3 hours total       Difficulty: Easy-middle


Tuesday 18.09.2018


10.00 hrs        Guided hike with Tom around the Gratlspitz

14.00 hrs        Family Rafting with Sport Ossi (registration at reception, meeting point in



We take our hotel bus and drive to the parking place Oberthalerhof. Here we start our tour around the Gratlspitz. It's a nice walk with a panorama view over Alpbach. At the Holzalm we can make a breake where we can take a drink or something to eat. So that we have energy again for our walk back to the hotel.

Duration: ca.  4.5 h walking time | medium-difficult


Your evening culinary highlight: Dessert Buffet

Thonight's programm: Casino night at the Alpbacherhof


Wednesday 19.09.2018


10.00 hrs                    Guided hike with Tom to the Feldalm

10.00 hrs                    Guided "Waldbaden"

10.30 hrs                    Guided City Tour through Rattenberg


"To meet nature head on is a devinition of self"

Let your senses be enveloped by the forest - peace, a reawakening and health. Waldbaden is a miracle therapeutic remedy. We invite you to the experience something extraordinary for your senses. You will be astounded at your reaction to this amazing bathing experience; realigned, awaknend, aware and grounded. It is like a new beginning, stress levels are reduced and your immune system regenerated. The magical wonder of the hidden secrets of the forest.


25,00 Euro per person includes: borrow backpack filled with herb tea, herb bread, hammock and seat cushion.


Thursday  20.09.2018


10.00 hrs                    Guided hike with Tom via the Wiesenweg

13.00-17.00 Hrs         A guided tour at the Farm Museum Inneralpbach (TVB)

                                     learn about the farming history of Alpbach     


We start our hike at the Wurmhof and walk along the Wiesenweg to the Zottahof. At this traditional restaurant we will make a stop to have a break and go back via Lärchenweg to our hotel.

Walking time about 2h            Difficulty: easy-middle


Friday 21.09.2018


10.00 Hrs                   E-Bike Tour with Tom to the Steinbergalm and across to


                                   Max. 7 Personen / Please register at reception by 09.00hrs

13.00 hrs                   Glass blowing in Rattenberg by Kristallglas Kisslinger

                                    (Cost € 10,- per person)

14.00 hrs                    Action or family inner-tube riding with Sport Ossi

                                    (from € 29,- per person)

from 15.00 hrs              Steam Sauna Experience & Regeneration with our

                                    Sauna Master Enes


We take the E-Bike to the Luegergraben (direction Steinbergalm) and enjoy the beautiful view of the Great Galtenberg with its rugged foothills and clear mountain streams.



Your culinary highlight: Alpbacherhof Tyrolean Evening with Strudel Buffet



Saturday 22.09.2018

10.00 hrs                     Cattle Drive in Reith

11.00 hrs                     "Hoamfohrafestl" at the Aussermooserhof in Alpbach

14.00 - 17.00hrs         Visiting the Alpbach Flour mill




Sunday 23.09.2018


07.30 - 10.30 Hrs       Prosecco breakfast

09.00 Hrs                   Holy Mass in the Alpbach church, St. Oswald‘s


Your evening culinary highlight: Alpbacherhof Appetiser Buffet


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With your guest card you can use the cable cars for free in  the

Alpbachtal. The view over Alpbach and surroundings from 1850 meters  above sea level is worthwhile in any case.


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