Choose from a range of invigorating water treatments. Relaxing, healing, pleasure – sink into one of our luxury baths filled with the scented oil of your choice.

O2 – the Oxygen Bath with a professional underwater massage

The oxygen supply in the ergonomically formed bath vitalises, regenerates, strengthens and massages. Muscles are relaxed from your toes to your neck. An outstanding way to refuel energy levels. Standard rate for all baths. approx. 30 minutes € 36.-

Sassy Fruits

Fruits from the wild ensnare a special blend of goodness. Due to their multifaceted vitamins and the moisturising qualities of mare’s milk, dry skin receives a specialised treatment using these radical elements.

Honey Milk Bath

Milk and honey are the sensual ingredients for an indulgent bathing experience. You will feel the immediate enriching qualities returning moisture and elasticity to your skin’s structure

Bathing with Tyrolean Stone Oil

Jojoba and Soja oils pamper your skin and help to keep it smooth. The pleasant fragrance creates pure relaxation and recovery with the added benefits of healing properties for the common cold.